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Las Veletas

Las Veletas

Celina, a homeless and rootless woman, wanders around stealing objects, only to have something of her own ...

2021 Play
Songs of Repression

Songs of Repression

At the foot of the Andes Mountains in Chile lies an idyllic German colony called Villa Baviera. However, ...

2021 Play
TV Edificio Corona

Edificio Corona

Under the circumstances caused by the confinement due to COVID-19, the people in a building will have to ...

2021 Play
TV Juegos de poder

Juegos de poder

The plans of a presidential candidate are put in danger when a family tragedy threatens to lose his ...

2019 Play
TV Dime quién fue

Dime quién fue

Laura returns 20 years later to the hotel where her mother died in strange circumstances, to seek revenge ...

2017 Play
TV Río Oscuro

Río Oscuro

A mother desperate for the disappearance of her son and facing the ineffectiveness of justice to find ...

2019 Play
TV Casa de muñecos

Casa de muñecos

The Falco-Elizalde sisters undertake the search for authentic happiness, after discovering that their ...

2018 Play
TV El circo de las Montini

El circo de las Montini

Olga II returns to the Chile after many years of absensce to take the reins of her mother's Circus (as ...

2002 Play
TV La Sexóloga

La Sexóloga

An eccentric tale that highlights a female sexologist who hosts a radio show; she falls in love with one ...

2012 Play
TV El señor de la Querencia

El señor de la Querencia

An evil and deranged farmer, perversely controls his land and the people who live there during the 1920s.

2008 Play
TV Hijos Del Monte

Hijos Del Monte

Five adopted brothers see how their easygoing life in the countryside is changed by the death of their ...

2008 Play
TV Corazón rebelde

Corazón rebelde

During a summer camp, a group of teens spend their vacations with affinities and rivalries on the arise, ...

2009 Play
TV Ámame


Daniela, a young student, falls in love with Luciano the son of the owner of her high school. He ...

1993 Play
TV Profugos


Four men become fugitives after a failed drug deal, running from north to south of Chile.

2011 Play
TV Floribella


A 20-year-old girl with a deep passion for music will radically change her life when she finds work at ...

2006 Play
TV Primera dama

Primera dama

Sabina Astudillo is an ordinary, young but ambitious woman who is willing to do anything to seduce ...

2010 Play
TV Rossabella


Italo is owner of a succeseful women's underwear company. Which, in addition to give him a large fortune ...

1997 Play
TV Pobre Gallo

Pobre Gallo

Nicolás Pérez de Castro, sick of stress, suddenly must go to the countryside to heal his illness.

2016 Play
TV Si yo fuera rico

Si yo fuera rico

The life of three Chileans drastically change after winning the lottery.

2018 Play
TV Soltera otra vez

Soltera otra vez

A real estate broker discovers that her boyfriend cheats on her with a younger woman, so she will be ...

2012 Play
TV La Poseída

La Poseída

Possessed or just sick? Religion and science are faced when a teenage girl starts having mysterious ...

2015 Play
TV Inés del alma mía

Inés del alma mía

Romantic historical drama based on the true story of the first woman "conquistador" who went to the South ...

2020 Play
TV Pituca sin lucas

Pituca sin lucas

A high social class woman loses all her possesions due to a scam by her fugitive husband and has to move ...

2014 Play
TV Sucupira


Sucupira is a seaside town in Chile. Federico Valdivieso, the mayor, a scoundrel, rascal and womanizer is ...

1996 Play